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My Price Guide for Photography Clients

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Very Important Photography Topics, Dec. 15

Photography topics in the headlines this week: new sexual assault allegations against Terry Richardson, shooting medium format and wrapping an empowering series. Read on for more of the Very Important Photography Topics currently on our minds at 500px.

1. New allegations against Terry Richardson

A New York designer and model is the latest to join the chorus of sexual misconduct and abuse allegations against controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson.

Lindsay Jones recounted a meeting with Richardson about 10 years ago to Huffington Post, during which he allegedly “cornered her, pulled out his penis and assaulted her.” Jones said she chose to come forward now in the hope that sharing her story would help other young women—especially vulnerable models just starting out in the industry.

Post No Bills v Terry Richardson by Stephen M. Walker II on

Huffington Post‘s interview with Jones also describes it as an industry-wide problem. A 2012 industry survey from Model Alliance found that 86.8% of those surveyed had been asked to change nude at a job or casting without advance notice, 29.7% had experienced inappropriate touching on the job, and 28% had been pressured to have sex with someone at work.

Jones said of her allegations, Richardson “may be more powerful than me in the industry, but he doesn’t have that power over me anymore.”

Have you witnessed/experienced sexual harassment in the photography industry? Share your experience in the comments, or get in touch with us on Twitter or Facebook.

Source: Huffington Post

2. #OrangeTheWorld: 500px Studio’s empowering series completed

500px Studio recently wrapped the first photo series of Focused—its new global-impact initiative—inspired by UNiTE to End Violence against Women. #OrangeTheWorld is a compilation of moving photo series from 16 international photographers, which inspire hope for a world free from violence against women and girls. See excerpts from the series here, and the essays in full on the 500px Studio Blog.


3. Photographer fired from gig for her sexual orientation

An Alabama photographer tweeted a recent interaction with a would-be client, whom she said fired her from a maternity shoot after learning she was gay. Faith Grace shared a screenshot of the conversation with the client, McKenna, in which she said “I don’t want someone who’s gay to take my pictures. It’s just not right,” after seeing a photo of a rainbow flag on Faith’s Instagram account.

Faith has since made her Twitter account private, but had previously shared the screenshot with the caption: “A lady texted me asking to take her maternity photos then she decided to find another photographer because I’m gay,”

“RT & share this to show people that hatred & discrimination still exists & it NEEDS to stop.

“This breaks my heart.”


Source: The Independent

4. The story behind a colorful conceptual series

500px photographer Milan Vopalensky shared the stories behind his conceptual series “Colorful Memory” on the 500px Blog this week. The series of self-portraits centred on colorful spaces in Milan’s hometown in the Czech Republic. He also shared the insights and lessons he learned from shooting this particular series.

See the full series here.


5. The Grand Canyon in medium format

Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography shared the below video on shooting the Grand Canyon in medium format—between the gorgeous footage itself, and Ted’s experience, tips, and insights, it’s well worth a watch.

6. Mew-and-improved classic album covers

We’ll leave you with something on the lighter side to close out the list—The Kitten Covers. The hilarious project from photographer and graphic designer Alfra Martini was revived this week on Bored Panda, rounding up some of Alfra’s best remakes of classic albums covers with kittens. Here are a few of our faves—check out the full project here.

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Developing a conceptual series: Milan Vopalensky’s ‘Colorful Memory’

This is a guest post from 500px photographer Milan Vopalensky, a self-taught photographer from the Czech Republic, whose work has been published in Czech and British magazines. He currently studies at the Graphic School in Prague.

I am passionate about surreal and conceptual photography, and self-portraits. I am always discovering interesting locations, mainly around my hometown of Novy Rychnov, in order to express my complex visions through photography. My last series, called “Colorful Memory”, was a final project at school, where we were asked to complete a photography series with color as the main focus. Here is the story of how it was created.

About the project

My first instinct was to do a series of self-portraits and to use my hometown. I started thinking about colorful places around my village. A yellow slide into a pond came to my mind first. Suddenly I realized that almost every childhood memory I have is associated with a color, whether because of the place, the objects in it, or the feeling it evokes. And that is how the concept of this series was born. I wanted to connect colors with memories of my childhood — that is why I decided to call this series “Colorful Memory.”

I created two photos for each color. These two photos needed to have a continuation. First, I took the yellow one as a memory of the days when I went swimming during the summer with my family. I always admired this slide, but I was so afraid of the diving that I never used it.

The second color was red. These images represent the place around my house where we played hide and seek.

The third color, blue, is connected with my grandmother and with the factory where she worked. I often visited her there, but it was forbidden so I climbed through the window or crept under the fence.

The last color was green. I chose it because green was all around me when I was a child: in the fields and in the forests. Nature is a big part of who I am even now.

Some tips I learned while shooting this series

Push Your Limits
For this series, I used my DSLR Canon EOS 5D Mark II primarily with my Canon 28-70mm f/2.8 lens. Of course I couldn’t use it without a wireless remote and a tripod. Usually it is quite funny to see how I take photos, because I do strange things. That is also partly why I take self-portraits by myself using a wireless remote: I can do anything I want without feeling ashamed. It’s a good exercise to push your limits in this way, and it is a great kind of therapy to learn to express yourself photographically. For the photos in yellow, a friend of mine assisted by holding the tripod on the slide just to avoid the tripod falling into the water.

Planning & Pre-production
I recommend thinking about what you want to achieve photographically before you go out shooting. You can draw a few sketches and ideas. Being prepared and having a vision will make it much easier when you arrive at the place you are shooting. Even if the reality is a little different than your vision, at least you have an intention to work from. Don’t be afraid to try unexpected poses and compositions; sometimes the best photographs are created when you don’t expect it at all.

Also very important to this series was the postproduction. I used Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw where I highlighted the saturation in every lead color in the photos. I had to set the right shade in every photo, because I needed the whole series to be uniform in color. I did this with the Color Balance tool. My intention was to have my body a little brighter and whiter, so I reduced the saturation on those parts. In the end I played with the Selective Color tool in every photo for a gentle final touch.

My best advice is to be creative, be brave, express your feelings and experiment!

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Using 135mm lenses on the Sony E mount system- Shooting the Canon 135mm on the Sony A7Riii

from Jason Lanier

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

#OrangeTheWorld: See the empowering photo series from 500px Studio

500px Studio recently wrapped the first photo series of Focused—a new initiative that brings passionate photographers together once every quarter to highlight critical social issues. For its debut spotlight, #OrangeTheWorld, 500px Studio teamed up with 16 photographers from around the globe to raise awareness of gender-based violence through a variety of perspectives, inspired by UNiTE to End Violence against Women.

The result is a compilation of moving photo series that inspire hope for a world free from violence against women and girls. See excerpts from the series below, and the essays in full on the 500px Studio Blog.


Magda Zofia
Instagram: @magdazofia

“I approached this series as an opportunity to document the reality of abuse, capturing authentic moments with this woman and her children. I spent the day playing with the kids, engaging with them and trying to provide a safe place for this family to express their raw, uncensored emotions, how they have survived their experience with this issue.”
See the full photo series from Magda Zofia


Meelie Mckay
Instagram: @snapshotmeelie

“You may not know her face, but you may have sat next to her in her back garden. Or by a bus shelter. She may live next door to you. She might have given you a lift to work, yet she may not speak about it. It could be a current situation that she’s going through, but she hides it. She may now be a survivor, but she may not tell you.”
See the full photo series from Meelie Mckay


Amy Woodward
Instagram: @rawandrealbyamyk

“I am an emotive photographer, compelled by each empathic collaboration between myself and my subjects. Every. Single. Human deserves to be seen. I meet these subjects where they’re at, and we create from a safe space, together.”
See the full photo series from Amy Woodward


Gabriela Tulian
Instagram: @gabrielatulian

“This series talks about the work that goes into reconstruction and personal healing that a woman may experience after a trauma… The power of letting go, focusing on the positive and little things that make her happy; feeling confident and valuable.”
See the full photo series from Gabriela Tulian


Rodolfo Coelho
Instagram: @rodolfocoelhophotography

“Most of the images capture women mid movement, pulsing energy throughout this series, but display a sense of calm in their facial expression; these women are comfortable and relaxed in their skin – celebrating womanhood.”
See the full photo series from Rodolfo Coelho


Lauren Simpson
Instagram: @lauren.simps

“For me, this project is a cry for both men and women to look around, ask better questions, and be more intentional with our care for one another. The smile you see on the outside may not be the full story. Violence against women should not be the norm and it’s time we all step up to protect one another.”
See the full photo series from Lauren Simpson


Kageaki Smith
Instagram: @kageakis

Said 500px Studio: “He approaches this series creating and capturing private moments of internal struggle, unveiling a subtle narrative and introducing us to the sometimes unseen consequences of violence experienced by women.”
See the full photo series from Kageaki Smith


Samuel Petras
Instagram: @samuel_alex__

Said 500px Studio: “Stating that he wanted his images to feel almost ‘surreal’ in their appearance, blurring the line between reality and the subconscious, experiences of mental anguish one may feel after experiencing some form of psychological or physical abuse.”
See the full photo series from Samuel Petras


Zahra Saleki
Instagram: @zahrasaleki

“I think one of my roles as an artist is to make people rethink and pause to see what is going on around them, and if I can make the smallest difference and make someone a little more conscious in life, then I think I did what I had to do. I chose to be a part of this campaign because we need to stop violence against women and it’s a big issue affecting us all, every day.”
See the full photo series from Zahra Saleki


Inna Mosina
Instagram: @inna_mosina_arts

“It is important to love yourself and remember that you are not alone and you will not be left behind.”
See the full photo series from Inna Mosina


Sasin Tipchai
Instagram: @sasintipchai

Sasin states that he chooses to provide “the perspective of women’s life in Asia, especially in developing countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia, where gender stereotypes favour men over women.”
See the full photo series from Sasin Tipchai


Briony Douglas
Instagram: @dontfeedtheunicorn

“I am grateful to be a part of this project as it is something I myself was touched by years ago. I think the more people speak out about it, the less people out there will feel alone. I am glad to be a part of that conversation.”
See the full photo series from Briony Douglas


Gina Vasquez
Instagram: @ginaaballerina

“Everyone has their own way of communicating, and I believe that artists have a special ability to express these thoughts and touch the emotions of others—I hope to be able to add my voice and experience to the fight in ending violence against women in this way.”
See the full photo series from Gina Vasquez


Eivind Hansen
Instagram: @eivindhansen

“It was important to me that I represented these women in a way that respectfully showed who they were and how they wanted to be seen. Through these portraits, I portray these women as strong, beautiful, graceful, sexy, happy and ethereal women. I chose to produce an empowering and positive narrative for this project, that provides visibility and aids in a stronger and unified voice for Transgender women and advocates for their rights and need for equality.”
See the full photo series from Eivind Hansen


Mutz Ishizawa
Instagram: @capturetokyo

“This was a difficult project for us; creatively, mentally, and emotionally. We wanted to show the impact of sexual and physical harassment as well as mental abuse. We tried a variety of scenes and scenarios, and were able to put together this series, our intention; to heighten people’s awareness about different forms of abuse.”
See the full photo series from Mutz Ishizawa


Tobias Clarke
Instagram: @helprwanda

“The power of women who have suffered much yet have found the inner strength to rise above their past problems is an amazing thing. So often here in Rwanda, I speak to these women and hear their stories and their striving to be more and to propel their children into a future they never had. In these series of photos, I wanted to celebrate them as women and to highlight their beauty and femininity and not focus on their poverty.”
See the full photo series from Tobias Clarke

Main photo credit: Gabriela Tulian

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