Friday, September 22, 2017

Photography News Roundup, September 22

Astronomy photogrpaher of the year, 3 clever lighting techniques, Nikon and Yashica gear rumors… read about all this and more in our weekly roundup of photography news.

1. Get Inspired: Astronomy Photographer of the Year

The winners for the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2017 were announced. It’s great to see that a few of the winners are members of the 500px community, including Mikkel Beiter, Yuri Zvezdny, Kurt Lawson and Haitong Yu. Check out a few of the winning photos below.

Wanderer in Patagonia by Yuri Zvezdny on

Milky Way Over the Cable Route by Kurt Lawson on

Source: The Guardian

2. Pools, Symmetry and Duplicity: a Photography Experiment

Maria Svarbova‘s photos are instantly recognizeable for their exploration of symmetry and duplicity. Some of the photos from her poolside series seem like they were taken from one of Wes Anderson’s movie. Her work has served as inspiration for many of us here at 500px, read a highlight of her work on the Phoblographer.

SVA by Maria Svarbova on

Zakaz Skakat by Maria Svarbova on

Source: The Phoblographer

3. Improve Your Lighting With 3 Clever Techniques

Regardless of your shooting style, getting a better understanding of lighting can make a big difference in your photography. Los Angeles basedPye Jirsa shared a few clever lighting techniques on an article for Rangefinder. Read the full article here to learn how to give your photos a unique look.

American Gym Boxing + Jeremiah by Pye Jirsa on

Source: Rangefinder

4. Exciting Gear Rumors: Nikon and Yashica

This was an exciting week for photography gear enthusiasts. A series of new patents suggest Nikon may be soon launching a full frame mirrorless system. Though there’s nothing confirmed yet, this could represent a further step of the brand into the mirrorless cameras market. Also, the legendary analogue brand Yashica released a teaser and website suggesting they might start manufacturing cameras again!

Source: The Phoblographer

5. Telling Stories Through Still Life Shots

500px Brand Ambassador Dina Belenko was featured on a podcast by Photography Radio. On this interview, Dina talks about the origins of her interest for still life and how she manages to tell stories through her photos. Her unique still life shots have been featured in a series of tutorials on ISO and she continues to pursue her passion for this style of photography. Listen to the full podcast below.

Source: Photography Radio

Highlights from Editor’s Choice

The photos we’re currently loving, curated by 500px guest editors: Blake Pleasant and Marta Syrko.

Untitled by yan mingyong on

State fair by Marshall Berube on

VW Camper Lightpainting I by Mathew Browne on

Street dancing in Nepal by Gil Kreslavsky on

Samblanket FXcrt by Chris Minihane on

Lesya by Andrew Bayda on

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Introducing “Photography Radio” Podcast

There’s a new photography podcast from the folks behind Fuji Love magazine: Photography Radio. The podcast is hosted by Polish photographer, Tomash who knows how to navigate conversations to get the best advice out of his guests. Each episode features in-depth interviews with influential photographers from all over the world like Michael Kenna who discusses how he pushes himself to stay motivated. “I think that is one of the keys to photography, that we don’t want to get too comfortable at any time,” says Kenna in the first episode.

“Photography Radio” promises a great line-up of guests in the weeks to come like Scott Kelby, Peter Hurley, Beno Saradzic, Roy Magnersnes, and more.

Check out the first four episodes below and subscribe to Photorgraphy Radio on iTunes, Stitcher, or PlayerFM.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

How to Make Your Subjects Levitate

Photoshop is a lot like algebra, there are so many methods you can use to create the same effect. Whether you’ve learned Photoshop on your own or you’ve taken a class there’s always a new technique, tool, or tip to discover. That’s why we invited Rob Woodcox to share some of his Photoshop magic in his 500px Class, “Make Your Subjects Levitate”.

The Shock (pt. 2) by Rob Woodcox on

In Rob Woodcox’s 500px Class tutorial he demonstrates how to use Photoshop’s masking tools to isolate his subject from the background and create the illusion of levitation. You’ll get an inside look at the creative process behind this gravity-defying photograph from concept to completion. Whether you’ve learned Photoshop on your own or you’ve taken a class there’s always a new technique, tool, or tip to discover that can save you time.

Sacred Nature by Rob Woodcox on

Interested in learning more about how to use Photoshop to create surreal images? Join Rob Woodcox’s 500px Class: Make Your Subjects Levitate.He will be participating in a live Photoshop demonstration on Friday, Sept. 22nd, 3pm EST. This is your chance to ask any Rob your photo-editing questions and pick up some new tricks. 500px Classes are free for 500px members with an Awesome, Pro, or Pro+ membership.

About Rob Woodcox
Rob Woodcox is a surreal portrait and fine artist born in Houston, raised in Detroit, and currently residing in Portland Oregon. He exercises his talent for photography with a passion that is unquenchable and contagious. As he creates each piece of his artwork, Rob strives to capture fragments of a vivid life sewn by the threads of reality, memory, and dream. Each concept is a declaration of his experience and seeks to tell a meaningful story to each individual that views it.


Instagram: @Robwoodcoxphoto

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